Antonios Zissimos

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Personal Info

My name is Antonios Zissimos. I was born in Athens in November 22, 1979. I graduated from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at National Technical University of Athens in 2003. My diploma thesis was titled "Comparing and implementing Extraction and Transformation Algorithms for Data Warehouses". Today, I'm a Ph.D. student at the Computer Systems Laboratory and my advisor is professor Nectarios Koziris. I have teaching assistant experience in undergraduate courses of ECE/NTUA. I am also a reviewer at parallel and distributed conferences and journals of IEEE/ACM. Currently, I'm working as a Research Associate at the Institute of Computer and Communication Systems/Computing Systems Laboratory at NTUA and I am involved in European and National R&D programs in the field of Grid/High Performance Computing, Networking and Storage for IT systems. I am a member of IEEE Computer Society and the Technical Chamber of Greece.

Research Interests

  • Large Scale distributed systems (GRID, P2P)
  • Cluster Computing
  • High performance networking systems
  • Operating systems



  1. Anthony Chazapis, Antonis Zissimos, Nectarios Koziris and Panayiotis Tsanakas. Replica management services on the Grid: Evolving from a centralized design to a fully distributed, scalable and fault-tolerant peer-to-peer infrastructure. Chapter in Book: Grid Technologies: Emerging from Distributed Architectures to Virtual Organizations, Series: Advances in Management Information, Vol 5, ISBN: 1-84564-055-1, Published: 2006, Pages: 107-138, WIT Press. [link]


  1. A. Assiki and K. Doka and A. Zissimos and I. Konstantinou and D. Tsoumakos and N. Koziris and P. Tsanakas A Grid middleware for data management exploiting Peer-to-Peer techniques. To appear in FUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS, Special Issue on Defining the Grid, Experiences and Future Trends. [PDF]


  1. Ioannis Konstantinou, Katerina Doka, Athanasia Asiki, Antonis Zissimos, and Nectarios Koziris Gredia Middleware Architecture In Proceedings of the Cracow 2007 Grid Workshop (CGW'07), Krakow, Polland, October 16-17, 2007 [PDF]
  2. Athanasia Asiki, Katerina Doka, Ioannis Konstantinou, Antonis Zissimos, and Nectarios Koziris A Distributed Architecture for Multi-Dimensional Indexing and Data Retrieval in Grid Environments In Proceedings of the Cracow 2007 Grid Workshop (CGW'07), Krakow, Polland, October 16-17, 2007 [PDF]
  3. Antonis Zissimos, Katerina Doka, Antony Chazapis and Nectarios Koziris. GridTorrent: Optimizing data transfers in the Grid with collaborative sharing. In Proceedings of the 11th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics (PCI2007), Patras, Greece, May 2007. [PDF]
  4. Antony Chazapis, Antonis Zissimos, Nectarios Koziris. A peer-to-peer replica management service for high-throughput Grids. In Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP05), Oslo, Norway, June 2005. [PDF]

Curriculum Vitae